How to check the UTL_FILE_DIR parameter?

CREATE OR REPLACE procedure utl_file_test_write1 ( path in varchar2, filename in varchar2, firstline in varchar2, secondline in varchar2) is output_file utl_file.file_type; begin output_file := utl_file.fopen (path,filename, ‘W’); utl_file.put_line (output_file, firstline); utl_file.put_line (output_file, secondline); utl_file.fclose(output_file); –exception — when others then null; end; / begin utl_file_test_write1 ( ‘/u03/users/ofsa/ofsatest/oracle_utl_data’, ‘utl_file_test’, ‘first line’, ‘second line’ ); end; / This […]

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