Oracle 21c New Feature – Prepare Database for Data Guard

The Data Guard Broker PREPARE DATABASE FOR DATA GUARD command configures a database to be used as a Primary Database in a Data Guard Broker configuration. It enables and sets a number of database parameters like LOG_BUFFER, DG_BROKER_START, STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT, DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM etc. It also enables FLASHBACK and ARCHIVELOG for the database and creates the Standby Redo […]

12c RMAN New Feature – Cross Platform Data Transport Using Incremental Backups

In Oracle 12c we can now transport data across platforms using full as well as incremental backup sets. The use of RMAN Incremental backups can significantly reduce overall application downtime during cross-platform data migration and will be useful in any 11g to 12c future upgrades. In this example we look at migrating data from an […]

Creating an Oracle 12c Data Guard Active Standby Database

This note examines how to create an Oracle 12.1.0 physical standby Active Data Guard database using the RMAN DUPLICATE FROM ACTIVE command. We will be creating the data guard configuration in a 12c Container Database. Remember – in 12c Data Guard is set up at the Container level and not the individual Pluggable database level […]

Restore RMAN backup to another server for testing disaster recovery procedures as well as for cloning

This note explains the procedure used to restore an Oracle Suggested Strategy incremental backup on another server. This is useful when we have to do periodic¬† testing of disaster recovery procedures where we simulate a scenario when the complete database server has crashed and a new server has been provisioned. But let us assume that […]

Performing a 32 bit to 64 bit migration using the Transportable Database RMAN feature

This note describes the procedure used to perform a 32 bit to 64 bit conversion of an database on the Linux platform. The RMAN CONVERT DATABASE command is used to automate the movement of an entire database from one platform (the source platform) to another (the destination platform). This is provided that the source […]

Script – Check RMAN Backup Status

Scripts to check backup status and timings of database backups – This script will be run in the database, not the catalog. Login as sysdba – This script will report on all backups – full, incremental and archivelog backups – col STATUS format a9 col hrs format 999.99 select SESSION_KEY, INPUT_TYPE, STATUS, to_char(START_TIME,’mm/dd/yy hh24:mi’) start_time, […]

RMAN Validate Backup

The validate command for backup and restore is useful to confirm that backup and restoration is posssible and valid without actually backing up or restoring datafiles. We can validate the restore of a spfile,controlfile,archivelog or even the whole database backup. The following example enables us to specify a point in time upto which we need […]

RMAN Backup and Recovery scenarios

The following notes will illustrate the steps required to recover from a number of common failure scenarios that a DBA could possibly face in his career. RMAN Restore on another machine with different file system- same database name RMAN duplicate database on the same host Loss Of All Files – Disaster Recovery Incomplete Recovery (until […]

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