Oracle GoldenGate 18c Upgrade

This note outlines the procedure followed to upgrade GoldenGate 12.3 to the latest 18c version ( Note: If we are upgrading from Oracle GoldenGate or earlier, we also need to upgrade the Replicat checkpoint table via the GGSCI command UPGRADE CHECKPOINTTABLE [owner.table] If we are using trigger-based DDL replication support, then additional steps need […]

12c Management Agent Installation and Deployment

In an earlier post, I had mentioned the procedure for doing a silent install on the 12c management agent from the command line. https://gavinsoorma.com.au/2012/05/12c-management-agent-silent-installation/ We will see here how we can install as well as deployment the management agent on single or multiple target hosts from within 12c Cloud Control itself. ¬†From the Cloud Control […]

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