GoldenGate How to handle replication with extra columns on source and target tables

Case A – Additional Column on Target Table In this example the JOBS table on the target database oradb2 has an additional IDENTITY COLUMN called ID SQL> conn demo/oracle@oradb1Connected.SQL> desc jobsName Null? Type—————————————– ——– —————————-JOB_ID NOT NULL VARCHAR2(10)JOB_TITLE NOT NULL VARCHAR2(35)MIN_SALARY NUMBER(6)MAX_SALARY NUMBER(6)SQL> conn demo/oracle@oradb2Connected.SQL> alter table jobs add (ID NUMBER GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY);Table […]

Installation and Configuration of GoldenGate 19c Microservices on RAC

In this note we will cover how to install and configure Oracle Goldengate 19c Microservices on an Oracle 19c RAC environment. We will then configure high availability for GoldenGate Microservices using Grid Infrastructure Agent XAG v10. Finally we will test the high availability by simulating a RAC node failure and verify that the GoldenGate Microservices […]

Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle Cloud Marketplace (Part 1)

Oracle Cloud Marketplace (https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com) is an online store selling a wide variety of business applications and services which can complement an existing Oracle Cloud implementation. All these applications and services available on the Cloud marketplace are offered by Oracle approved and registered partners and developers. Oracle GoldenGate is one of the many applications available on […]

Oracle GoldenGate 18c Upgrade

This note outlines the procedure followed to upgrade GoldenGate 12.3 to the latest 18c version ( Note: If we are upgrading from Oracle GoldenGate or earlier, we also need to upgrade the Replicat checkpoint table via the GGSCI command UPGRADE CHECKPOINTTABLE [owner.table] If we are using trigger-based DDL replication support, then additional steps need […]

Goldengate 12.2 New Feature – Check and validate parameter files using chkprm

In GoldenGate 12.2 we can now validate parameter files before deployment. There is a new utility called chkprm which can be used for this purpose.’ To run the chkprm utility we provide the name of the parameter file and can optionally indicate what process this parameter file belongs to using the COMPONENT keyword. Let us […]

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GoldenGate Director Security

The GoldenGate Director (Server and Client) is part of the Oracle GoldenGate Management pack suite of products. Let us see how security is managed in the Director. We launch the Director Administration tool on Unix via the run-admin.sh shell script. If we are using Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and above the default admin user is […]

GoldenGate Bounded Recovery

The Oracle online redo log files contain both committed as well as uncommitted transactions, but Oracle GoldenGate only writes committed transactions to the trail files. So the question which can be asked is what happens to the transactions which are not committed or especially what happens to those uncommitted long running transactions. Sometimes long running […]

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