GoldenGate Director Security

The GoldenGate Director (Server and Client) is part of the Oracle GoldenGate Management pack suite of products. Let us see how security is managed in the Director. We launch the Director Administration tool on Unix via the shell script. If we are using Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and above the default admin user is […]

Oracle GoldenGate – Using the Director Client

To start the GoldenGate Director Server, we need to run the script located in the “domain” sub-directory of the GoldenGate Director Server software installation directory. [oracle@redhat346 bin]$ cd /u01/oracle/gg-director [oracle@redhat346 gg-director]$ ls cds_current_db_config.xml cds-tool-error.log cds-tool.log domain domain-new.jar ggs.url notices.txt uninstall [oracle@redhat346 gg-director]$ cd domain [oracle@redhat346 domain]$ cd bin [oracle@redhat346 bin]$ ls server_migration […]

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