Data Guard switchover checklist

In some establishments, Dataguard switchovers are manual – Please perform these pre-requisite checks before undertaking a switchover to primary. 1. ON STANDBY SITE: SQL> select database_role from v$database; DATABASE_ROLE —————- PHYSICAL STANDBY…………….PROCEED. If you receive a reply like the one below, then do not proceed- you are most probably firing the sql command in the […]

Resize standby datafile if disk runs out of space on standby site.

PURPOSE: TO AVOID RECREATION OF STANDBY DATABASE IN CASE FILE IS NOT RESIZED ON STANDBY : ITLINUXDEVBLADE07-PRIMARY Database is DGTEST9i [oracle@itlinuxdevblade07 dgtest9i]$ df -h . Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 25G 21G 2.0G 92% /opt [oracle@itlinuxdevblade07 dgtest9i]$ 2 gb freespace on disk on PRIMARY. ITLINUXDEVBLADE08 [oracle@itlinuxdevblade08 oradata]$ df -h . Filesystem Size […]

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