Oracle 21c New Feature – Prepare Database for Data Guard

The Data Guard Broker PREPARE DATABASE FOR DATA GUARD command configures a database to be used as a Primary Database in a Data Guard Broker configuration. It enables and sets a number of database parameters like LOG_BUFFER, DG_BROKER_START, STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT, DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM etc. It also enables FLASHBACK and ARCHIVELOG for the database and creates the Standby Redo […]

10g Data Guard Broker Fast Start Failover

FAST START FAILOVER IS DISABLED BY DEFAULT Configuration Name: Enabled: YES Protection Mode: MaxAvailability Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED Databases: streams2 – Primary database blade08 – Physical standby database Current status for “”: SUCCESS PREPARE TO ENABLE TO FAST START FAILOVER DGMGRL> EDIT DATABASE ‘streams2’ SET PROPERTY FastStartFailoverTarget = ‘blade08’; Property “faststartfailovertarget” updated DGMGRL> EDIT DATABASE […]

Using FLASHBACK to Reinstate a Standby after a FAILOVER

PERFORM A FAILOVER USING DATA GUARD BROKER DGMGRL> failover to ‘standby_blade07’; Performing failover NOW, please wait… Failover succeeded, new primary is “standby_blade07” On the NEW PRIMARY issue this command to obtain the SCN to FLASHBACK the old primary(new standby) to SQL> conn / as sysdba Connected. SQL> SELECT TO_CHAR(STANDBY_BECAME_PRIMARY_SCN) FROM V$DATABASE; TO_CHAR(STANDBY_BECAME_PRIMARY_SCN) —————————————- 2147132 FLASHBACK […]

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