Script – Check RMAN Backup Status

Scripts to check backup status and timings of database backups – This script will be run in the database, not the catalog. Login as sysdba – This script will report on all backups – full, incremental and archivelog backups – col STATUS format a9 col hrs format 999.99 select SESSION_KEY, INPUT_TYPE, STATUS, to_char(START_TIME,’mm/dd/yy hh24:mi’) start_time, […]

Script – Query the RMAN catalog to list backup completion status

Note – run this query connected as the owner of the RMAN catalog set lines 80 set pages 250 ttitle “Daily Backup……..” select DB NAME,dbid,NVL(TO_CHAR(max(backuptype_db),’DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI’),’01/01/0001:00:00′) DBBKP, NVL(TO_CHAR(max(backuptype_arch),’DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI’),’01/01/0001:00:00′) ARCBKP from ( select DB,dbid, decode(b.bck_type,’D’,max(b.completion_time),’I’, max(b.completion_time)) BACKUPTYPE_db, decode(b.bck_type,’L’,max(b.completion_time)) BACKUPTYPE_arch from rc_database a,bs b where a.db_key=b.db_key and b.bck_type is not null and b.bs_key not in(Select […]

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