Upgrading from 12c Release 2 to 19c using latest AutoUpgrade utility

This note describes the process of upgrading an Oracle 12c Release 2 Non-Container Database to Oracle 19c and also converting the Non-CDB database to a Pluggable Database (PDB). The entire upgrade process is automated using the latest Oracle autoupgrade utility – autoupgrade.jar which is part of the new Oracle 12c database software release as well […]

How to install and configure Oracle 12c Release 2 RAC environment on VirtualBox Part 1

This note is a step by step guide to installing and configuring an Oracle 12c Release 2 Real Application Clusters environment using VirtualBox. This will include the Linux 6.8 installation, ASM shared storage configuration including ACFS, Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 2 installation, Oracle Database 12c R2 installation and creating a two-node RAC database. Download the […]

Oracle 12c Release 2 Multitenancy New Features

This note describes the new features related to the Oracle Database Multitenant option which have been introduced in Oracle 12c Release 2 ( The hands-on exercises included in the note demonstrates the use of the following new multitenancy features: Hot Cloning Refreshable Pluggable Databases Support for pluggable databases with multiple character sets Proxy Pluggable Databases […]

Oracle 12c Release 2 Partitioning New Features

A number of enhancements to the Oracle database Partitioning option have been introduced in Oracle Database 12c Release 2. These include: Automatic List Partitioning Multi-Column List Partitioning Read-only Partitions Filtered Partition maintenance operations Online conversion of non-partitioned to partitioned table Partitioned External Tables   Similar to the interval partitioning method which was introduced in Oracle […]

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 New Feature – Create Data Guard Standby Database Using DBCA

One of the real nice new features in Oracle 12c Release 2 ( is the ability to create an Oracle Data Guard Standby Database using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant). This really does simplify the process of creating a standby database as well and automates a number of steps in the creation process which were earlier […]

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