4 thoughts on “Recovery Scenarios

  1. Ata


    Good exercises…but few things to update.

    1. Without having allocate channels, host cpu & disk I/O will consumes alot. As I tried to had “top” & “glance” in parallel, and i could notice it’s consuming alot when trying to restore < 100 GB of database on HP-UX ia64 which has 16 GB of ram. Well, we could release those soon after completion

    2. Also in case of back-dated restoration where by you need to restore the control files from backup piece tags; at that stage , database will not be in a mounted state. In such cases, when you login to rman, we might have to get dbid from "rc_database" and have to set dbid prior to restoration.

    Thanks for sharing good workshop exercises…and request if you could thru light on advance RMAN concepts.


  2. Lahcen

    Thanks a lot for all this examples and documentation, could you please check the link of ” Restoring an ASM backup to non-ASM and Restoring from RAC to single-instance” in recovery scenarios , isn’t found

    best regards

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