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Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 with Oracle RAC/ASM/Clusterware

Thank you for registering for the online training course –Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 (with Oracle 12c Release 2 RAC/ASM) Implementation Workshop”.

The 6 week  (Sunday  10.00 AM  – 2.00 PM US EST ) online training course will include a number of hands-on lab exercises for each module (for which remote support will be provided).

Recordings of each session will be provided in case for any reason you cannot attend a session or wish to refer back to something which was discussed in the session.

Course Topics

  • Install and Configure Oracle 12c Release 2 Grid Infrastructure, ASM and Clusterware
  • Create an Oracle 12c Release 2 RAC database
  • Configure High Availability for Oracle GoldenGate using Grid Infrastructure Agent (XAG)
  • Simulate GoldenGate processing recovery from cluster node failure
  • Learn about the new Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 microservices architecture, topologies and components
  • Installation of Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Classic as well as Microservices Architecture
  • Configuring the Manager process
  • Prepare the Oracle database for GoldenGate replication
  • Create Classic/Integrated extracts and replicat process groups
  • Create Co-Ordinated /Parallel replicats
  • Configure and manage DDL replication
  • Configuring security and encryption of trail files and credentials in GoldenGate
  • Column mapping, Data filtering and transformation
  • Using the Logdump utility to examine trail files
  • Using OBEY files, macros and tokens
  • Handling errors and exceptions in GoldenGate
  • Configuring Automatic Heartbeat Tables
  • Monitoring Lag
  • Configuring Bi-Directional replication, Conflict Detection and Resolution, and new 12c Release 3 automatic conflict resolution


Your Instructor for this training is

[media image=”7877″]

In addition to being an Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Certified Master, I am also an Oracle University approved trainer having conducted a number of training courses both for Oracle University as well as independently for a number of clients – both onsite as well as online.

Feedback from previous courses

I would say this class is superb! I thoroughly enjoyed the class very descriptive and the explanatory and it is very clear. Lab exercises are very valuable. After completing of all the labs I feel more confident. This class surely exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to take OGG advanced Workshop.

Thanks Gavin it was amazing and I would definitely want to attend the advanced workshop. Kindly let me know the dates for the same.

The course is fantastic and presentation is great. I enjoyed the course very well and upgraded my skills in Goldengate administration.

I am very much interested to attend your future courses and please let me know.

Overall it is a great feeling that I am learning the GG skills from the right person and expert and can’t wait to attend the next course.

The Exadata course was a fantastic experience to me. I can’t Thank you enough for your patience to solve the issue & roadblock I used to get during lab sessions. You were prompt in replying emails and log onto my computer to solve the issues.

In past also I have attended Oracle training from Oracle Corp but during lab sessions, it wasn’t as helpful as you helped on every step.

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The cost of the training is only $699.00 USD.