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TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) – Using the dsmc command

Many DBA’s have to be familiar with TSM ( Tivoli Storage Manager) commands to backup files to tape or restore backups from tape.

To query backups – for example all compressed files with ‘.Z’ extension.

oracle:/u05/backup/test > dsmc q b -inactive ‘*.Z’



To Restore the file above –

dsmc restore -inactive /u05/backup/TEST/20090702_0841.ofsap_tables.dmp.Z

To backup permanently and retain for 2 years.

dsmc archive -archmc=RETAIN2YEARS -description=”test_remove” “/u05/backup/TEST/test_export.sh” -su=yes > test.log

The log for the output is written to test.log

To query all permanent archived backups under a particular directory –

dsmc query Archive -detail “/u05/backup/TEST/test_export.sh” -su=yes

To retrive the backup above

dsmc retrieve “/u05/backup/TEST/test_export.sh”

Retrieve function invoked.

— User Action is Required —
File /u05/backup/TEST/test_export.sh ‘ exists

Select an appropriate action
1. Replace this object
2. Replace all objects that already exist
3. Skip this object
4. Skip all objects that already exist
A. Abort this operation
Action [1,2,3,4,A] : 1
Action [1,2,3,4,A] : 1
Retrieving 472 /u05/backup/TEST/test_export.sh [Done]

Retrieve processing finished.

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Updated on June 2, 2021

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