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Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Installation and Configuration

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata is a product that enables us to compare two sets of data and identify and report on data that is out of synchronization. This is helpful in a 24×7 replication enviornment where takimg downtime to compare sets of data is not an option and Veridata can run concurrently with the Extract and Replicat processes.

Let us look at the different components of GoldenGate Veridata.

Veridata Server – it coordinates the different Veridata tasks, performs data comparisons, sorting where required, reporting

Repository – it makes use of an Oracle or MySQL database for storing data related to user preferences, configuration information, job runtime statistics etc.

Veridata Agent – makes the required database calls on behalf of the Veridaata server to fetch and return rows required for comparions.

Veridata Web – browser based interface to create comparison configurations and run jobs and view reports. B

Note: Veridata also has a command line interface called vericom which performs most of the tasks which can be performed via the web interface from the command line.

Source: GoldenGate Veridata Administration Guide

Let us look at some of the screen shots taken from the Veridata Server Installation.

In the next post, we will discuss the installation and configuration of the Veridata Agent as well as using the Veridata Web to create and run some comparison jobs and view reports.

In this instance, we are installing the server on an AIX 5.3 Power series machine. So we have downloaded the file V19619-01.zip from the E-Delivery web site.

The Veridata Server requires a database user with the required privileges and also a database role called VERIDATA_ROLE. We are using our existing database user which we have used in earlier tutorials GGS_OWNER and have granted the role to this user.

SQL> create role veridata_role;

Role created.

SQL> grant create session, create table, create view, create procedure, create synonym to veridata_role;

Grant succeeded.

We then unzip this file and it creates another file called GoldenGate_Veridata_aix53_ppc_v3004_003.sh.

We then configure the DISPLAY variable to point to a valid X Windows and run the same ….

dba1:/u01/ofsad2/veridata> ./GoldenGate_Veridata_aix53_ppc_v3004_003.sh
Unpacking JRE …
Starting Installer …

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Updated on June 2, 2021

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