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Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle Cloud Marketplace (Part 2)

Connect to the GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace Node

Identify the Public IP Address of the GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace compute node and connect via PuTTY using the saved PPK  private key. (note we had to provide the SSH Public Key details when we deployed Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace)  

Note the directory structure of the GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace Node

The trail files are stored in the directory /u02/trails and we have the two deployments (‘Source’ and ‘Target’) related directories under /u02/deployments

The GoldenGate software is available under /u01/app/ogg. Note the different versions of the software available.

Change the oggadmin password

Open the ogg-credentials.json file located in the /home/opc directory. Use the credentials included in that file to connect via Service Manager URL as oggadmin user.

-bash-4.2$ pwd

-bash-4.2$ ls -l
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 opc opc 37 Mar 26 05:22 ogg-credentials.json -> /u02/deployments/ogg-credentials.json

-bash-4.2$ cat ogg-credentials.json
{“username”: “oggadmin”, “credential”: “k%KaBo.2XDmIFRCa”}

Copy wallet zip file which has been downloaded from ATP database

This is required so we can connect to the ATP target database from the GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace compute node.

-bash-4.2$ mkdir wallet

-bash-4.2$ ls

ogg-credentials.json wallet Wallet_GSATP.zip

-bash-4.2$ cp Wallet_GSATP.zip ./wallet/

-bash-4.2$ cd wallet

-bash-4.2$ unzip Wallet_GSATP.zip
Archive: Wallet_GSATP.zip
inflating: cwallet.sso
inflating: tnsnames.ora
inflating: readme.md
inflating: truststore.jks
inflating: ojdbc.properties
inflating: sqlnet.ora
inflating: ewallet.p12
inflating: keystore.jks

Configure Network Connectivity to source OCI Classic database

Edit the network configuration files for deployment “Source”.

Note: replace the host name with the public IP address .

-bash-4.2$ pwd

-bash-4.2$ vi tnsnames.ora

(SERVICE_NAME = ORCL.svcsubnetad1.svcvcn.oraclevcn.com)

PDB1 =
(SERVICE_NAME = pdb1.svcsubnetad1.svcvcn.oraclevcn.com)

Configure source OCI Classic Database for GoldenGate Replication

SQL> SELECT supplemental_log_data_min, force_logging FROM v$database;

——– —————————————

SQL> show parameter goldengate

———————————— ———– ——————————
enable_goldengate_replication boolean TRUE

SQL> alter system set streams_pool_size=1024m scope=both;

System altered.

SQL> select username from dba_users where username like ‘%GG%’;


SQL> conn C##GGADMIN/Dreamliner787##

Update Credential Store with source database credentials

Enter the credentials for the common user c##oggadmin which connects to the source container database ORCL.


Configure connectivity to ATP target database from GoldenGate Cloud Marketplace node

-bash-4.2$ pwd


-bash-4.2$ vi sqlnet.ora

WALLET_LOCATION = (SOURCE = (METHOD = file) (METHOD_DATA = (DIRECTORY=”/home/opc/wallet”)))


-bash-4.2$ cat tnsnames.ora

gsatp_high = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=adb.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com))(connect_data=(service_name=zjiver6hk5luiwo_gsatp_high.atp.oraclecloud.com))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn=”CN=adwc.uscom-east-1.oraclecloud.com,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US”)))

gsatp_low = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=adb.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com))(connect_data=(service_name=zjiver6hk5luiwo_gsatp_low.atp.oraclecloud.com))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn=”CN=adwc.uscom-east-1.oraclecloud.com,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US”)))

gsatp_medium = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=adb.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com))(connect_data=(service_name=zjiver6hk5luiwo_gsatp_medium.atp.oraclecloud.com))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn=”CN=adwc.uscom-east-1.oraclecloud.com,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US”)))

gsatp_tp = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=adb.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com))(connect_data=(service_name=zjiver6hk5luiwo_gsatp_tp.atp.oraclecloud.com))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn=”CN=adwc.uscom-east-1.oraclecloud.com,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US”)))

gsatp_tpurgent = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=adb.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com))(connect_data=(service_name=zjiver6hk5luiwo_gsatp_tpurgent.atp.oraclecloud.com))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn=”CN=adwc.uscom-east-1.oraclecloud.com,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US”)))

-bash-4.2$ pwd


-bash-4.2$ cp /u02/deployments/Target/etc/sqlnet.ora .

-bash-4.2$ cp /u02/deployments/Target/etc/tnsnames.ora .

Unlock the ggadmin user in the ATP database and grant privileges on DATA tablespace

-bash-4.2$ export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/client/oracle19/network/admin

-bash-4.2$ cd ../..

-bash-4.2$ cd bin

-bash-4.2$ export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/client/oracle19

-bash-4.2$ export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH

-bash-4.2$ sqlplus admin/Dreamliner787##@gsatp_high

SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Wed Apr 1 01:45:29 2020


Copyright (c) 1982, 2018, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:

Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release – Production


SQL> alter user ggadmin identified by Dreamliner787## ;

User altered.

SQL> alter user ggadmin account unlock;

User altered.

SQL> alter user ggadmin quota unlimited on data;

User altered

Create the directory to store the trail files for each deployment

bash-4.2$ cd /u02/

-bash-4.2$ ls

cacheManager  deployments  trails

-bash-4.2$ cd trails/

–bash-4.2$ mkdir Source

-bash-4.2$ mkdir Target

Updated on June 2, 2021

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