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Oracle Exadata X5-2 Data Guard Configuration

This note describes the procedure of creating an Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby database with a two-node Real Application Cluster (RAC) Primary and Standby database on an Oracle Exadata X5-2 eight rack.

The procedure will use RMAN for the creation of the Physical Standby database and will use the DUPLICATE FROM ACTIVE DATABASE method which is available in Oracle 11g.

Note – creation of the Standby database is done online while the Primary database is open and being accessed and no physical RMAN backups are utilized for the purpose of creating the standby database.

The note also describes the process of configuring Data Guard Broker to manage the Data Guard environment and also illustrates how to perform a database role-reversal via a Data Guard switch over operation.

 Download the full note ….

Updated on June 2, 2021

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