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Oracle Audit Vault & Database Firewall 20.4 (Part 1)

This note describes the various steps taken to install and configure Oracle Audit Vault version 20.4 on VirtualBox.

Download AVDF (Audit Vault and Database Firewall) 20.4 from https://edelivery.oracle.com



Install Audit Vault 20.4

  • Create a VirtualBox Linux VM with a VDI file of at least 225 GB
  • Attach the ISO so that the VM boots up using the ISO

  • Ensure boot order for the VM has Optical right at the top and only one selected










Power off the VM and change the boot order from Optical to Hard Disk



Start the VM













Create the AVDF_ADM and AVDF_AUD users and also set the password for the support user


Click on Save




Updated on June 10, 2021

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