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GoldenGate 23c Tutorial – Create Pipelines

In the earlier tutorial we learned how to create a GoldenGate 23c connection.

In this tutorial post we will learn about a new concept in GoldenGate 23c called Pipelines.

A Pipeline essentially is an abstract presentation of the entire GoldenGate replication process. All the tasks which were earlier manually performed are now automatically executed in the background as part of the Pipeline creation process.

  • Prepares the database objects for extraction
  • Creates a Heartbeat Table
  • Creates and runs the Extract process
  • Performs an Initial Load using Oracle Data Pump
  • Creates the Checkpoint Table
  • Creates and runs the Replicat process

In this tutorial we will be creating a Pipeline for a One-way GoldenGate replication from an Oracle 19c source Pluggable database (PDB1) to an Oracle 23c target Pluggable database (FREEPDB1).

The schema is DEMO and the table name is MYOBJECTS.

In the Mapping tab, select the DEMO schema – for both source as well as target.

Under the Mapping Rules tab we can specify which tables in the DEMO schema we want to include in the Pipeline. Here we are specifying that all the tables in the DEMO schema will be included.

Under the Options tab we can select whether the Pipeline will also include the Initial Load and if we also want to include DDL replication in the Pipeline.

As the target tables are already existing in the DEMO schema, we select the option to truncate the target tables as part of the Data Pump process.

We can also specify other parameters like parallelism for Data Pump and how to handle any open transactions existing at the time of the Data Pump operation.

Note the various steps which are being performed by the Pipeline creation process automatically – all these steps were earlier manually performed!

Click on Start and monitor the progress.

While the executing step is in progress, we can monitor the step and obtain details about the step in progress.

The Pipeline creation process creates the Extract and Replicat processes as well as the credential store as well as Heartbeat tables.

Pipeline is now created and the GoldenGate Extract and Replicat process is now running and the processes are assigned system generated names.

Launch the GoldenGate Console.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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