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Unix – tar and gzip commands

tar and compress a bunch of datafiles and then untar and uncompress them

cd /u02/oradata/test– (area of database files )

Now tar and compress and copy the files to backup area – /u02/oradata/test_bkup and name the file as test.tar.gz

tar cvf – * |gzip -c >/u02/oradata/test_bkup/test.tar.gz –

cd /u02/oradata/test_bkup > ls -lrt

-rw-r–r– 1 ofsad1 dba 105952962 Feb 26 11:31 test.tar.gz

Now to untar and uncompress the files back to the original area –

cd /u02/oradata/test

gzip -dc < /u02/oradata/test_bkup/test.tar.gz | tar xvf –

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Updated on June 2, 2021

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