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RMAN unregister database from catalog

1. Go to the database you wish to unregister and get its DBID:

system@HERML> select dbid,name from v$database;

—————– ——————————
2082566940 HERML

2. Connect to the recovery catalog-owning schema and determine the DB_KEY of the database in the recovery catalog:

rman10@RMAN10P> select db_key,dbid,name from rc_database
2 where dbid = 2082566940;

—————– —————– ——————————
555419843 2082566940 HERML

3. Use the dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase procedure to unregister the database from the recovery catalog (this procedure takes the DB_KEY and the DB_ID that we just found as parameters)

— The syntax for the procedure is:
— dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(db_key,db_id);
In recovery catalog schema –

execute dbms.rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(555419843,2082566940);

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Updated on June 2, 2021

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