Unix – tar and gzip commands

tar and compress a bunch of datafiles and then untar and uncompress them cd /u02/oradata/test– (area of database files ) Now tar and compress and copy the files to backup area – /u02/oradata/test_bkup and name the file as test.tar.gz tar cvf – * |gzip -c >/u02/oradata/test_bkup/test.tar.gz – cd /u02/oradata/test_bkup > ls -lrt -rw-r–r– 1 ofsad1 […]

Unix for the Oracle DBA – Part 1

Locating Files under a particular directory find . -print |grep -i test.sql Using AWK in UNIX To remove a specific column of output from a UNIX command – for example to determine the UNIX process Ids for all Oracle processes on server (second column) ps -ef |grep -i oracle |awk ‘{ print $2 }’ Changing […]

Customizing the Unix prompt (PS1)

We can customize the .profile on Unix to make the prompt display (variable PS1) more meaningful as well as provide some useful shortcuts. For example, this is the .profile we use on one of the production AIX machines. This results in the prompt display as shown below where we display the type of the machine […]

Cloning an existing ORACLE_HOME on Unix

By using the procedure shown below, we can replicate a ‘master’ copy of an Oracle software installation on any number of target servers. Not only will it ensure that Oracle software installations are standardised and include all the required patches, but will save considerable time and effort required to stage the software on multiple servers. […]

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