Oracle 21c New Feature – Prepare Database for Data Guard

The Data Guard Broker PREPARE DATABASE FOR DATA GUARD command configures a database to be used as a Primary Database in a Data Guard Broker configuration. It enables and sets a number of database parameters like LOG_BUFFER, DG_BROKER_START, STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT, DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM etc. It also enables FLASHBACK and ARCHIVELOG for the database and creates the Standby Redo […]

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 New Feature – Create Data Guard Standby Database Using DBCA

One of the real nice new features in Oracle 12c Release 2 ( is the ability to create an Oracle Data Guard Standby Database using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant). This really does simplify the process of creating a standby database as well and automates a number of steps in the creation process which were earlier […]

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