Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control on Linux and upgrading the repository database to

This note explains the procedure used to install Grid Control on a Linux operating system (64 bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.6) as well as the steps taken to upgrade the repository database from the default version to We will be using the silent installation method and not doing the […]

Upgrading Enterprise Manager Grid Control to 11g

Purpose: This note describes the steps taken to upgrade an existing Enterprise Manager Grid Control environment hosted on Red Hat Linux 5.5 to Enterprise Manager 11g (11.1. The upgrade of the OEM broadly involves the following steps • Install the Oracle 11g Release 2 database software. This will be used for the repository […]

Some more 11g Grid Control Installation and Configuration Notes

Some time back I had posted a few notes on the 11g Grid Control installation and configuration. 11g Grid Control Installation Tips and Solutions 11g Enterprise Manager Grid Control Installation Overview I would like to highlight an extremely good resource on all things related to the 11g Grid Control setup including the WebLogic and Agent […]

Troubleshooting Agent Startup and Upload

If the agent in GRID control in not uploading to the OMS – cd $AGENT_HOME/bin oracle(DATABASE)@prdu030:./emctl start agent Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 4 Grid Control Copyright (c) 1996, 2007 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Starting agent ………. started. oracle(DATABASE)@prdu030:./emctl status agent Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 4 Grid Control Copyright (c) 1996, […]

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