Installing and configuring the Exadata Database Machine plug-in for EM Cloud Control

The Oracle Exadata plug-in for OEM enables us to monitor as well as manage Exadata targets through Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. The features include: Monitoring of the Exadata Database Machine as an Enterprise Manager target. Monitoring of the all the components of the Exadata Database Machine target, including the Exadata Storage Cells Execute CELLCLI […]

EM12c Cloud Control Metric Extensions – Monitor failed DBMS SCHEDULER Jobs

So what are Metric Extensions? As the name implies metric extensions enables us to extend the out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities of Enterprise Manager and customize it according to the requirements of our specific environment. Very often we may have some monitoring and alerting requirements for which metrics are not available in OEM and we are having  to […]

Deploying the Oracle GoldenGate Plug-in on OEM 12c Cloud Control

This note describes the procedure of implementing the GoldenGate plug-in for Oracle Cloud Control 12c. After deploying the GoldenGate Plug-in we can see a new Target Type “GoldenGate” appearing in the OEM 12c Targets menu and can now monitor the status and progress of the Extract, Manager and Replicat processes running in a particular GoldenGate […]

12c Management Agent Installation and Deployment

In an earlier post, I had mentioned the procedure for doing a silent install on the 12c management agent from the command line. https://gavinsoorma.com.au/2012/05/12c-management-agent-silent-installation/ We will see here how we can install as well as deployment the management agent on single or multiple target hosts from within 12c Cloud Control itself.  From the Cloud Control […]

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