Oracle GoldenGate – Using the Director Client

To start the GoldenGate Director Server, we need to run the startWebLogic.sh script located in the “domain” sub-directory of the GoldenGate Director Server software installation directory. [oracle@redhat346 bin]$ cd /u01/oracle/gg-director [oracle@redhat346 gg-director]$ ls cds_current_db_config.xml cds-tool-error.log cds-tool.log domain domain-new.jar ggs.url notices.txt uninstall [oracle@redhat346 gg-director]$ cd domain [oracle@redhat346 domain]$ cd bin [oracle@redhat346 bin]$ ls log4j.properties server_migration setDomainEnv.sh […]

Oracle GoldenGate Tutorials now available …..

GoldenGate Concepts and Architecture Installation on Red Hat Linux with Oracle 11g Configuring the Manager process Performing an initial data load Configuring online change synchronization Configuring the Data Pump process Configuring DDL Synchronization Filtering and Mapping data Monitoring Goldengate Performing a zero downtime cross platform database upgrade Installing the GoldenGate Director and Client Using the […]

Oracle GoldenGate – an introduction

Oracle Corporation at the end of last year has acquired GoldenGate Software Inc which is one of the leading providers of real time data integration solutions. In the words of Hasan Rizvi, Senior Vice President, Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Development …. “GoldenGate also enables high availability and disaster tolerance with core functionality that supports real-time […]

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