• Ensure that previous night's backup is complete and there are no RMAN errors in the backup logs.

• Ensure that any exports which are part of the backup are complete and the dump files

• Check the alert log for any ORA- errors - also for messages like 'Checkpoint not complete etc'.

• Ensure that the cron job for truncating, saving and renaming alert logs is working - verify the

• Ensure that the archive redo log files are compressed and have been deleted. Only files for
 current and previous day should be present.

• All tablespaces should be less than 95% full - run the coalesce command on all tablespaces to
  reduce fragmentation. Ensure that space in the TEMP tablespace is released and is 100% free
  at the beginning of the day.

• Enough contiguous free space is available in all tablespaces for objects to extend if required.

• Backup the control file to trace so that every day we have a outline of the files and their
  locations for each database.

• No objects are within 5 extents of the MAXEXTENTS storage parameter.

• All core dumps are deleted from the $CDUMP area.

• All *.trc files are deleted from the $UDUMP area.

• Check the machine for any disks 100% full or nearing that value. If a disk has filled up use
  the 'find' command to determine files which have been recently created/modified . Ensure that all
  *.dmp files are in their proper locations and large *.dmp files have been compressed.

• Truncate the listener.log file in the $ORACLE_HOME/network/log location if the listener log has
  increased to a size > than 500 MB. Ensure the space is released, otherwise 'reload' listener.

• Run the 'recently created/modified objects' report to ensure that no unauthorised object
  creation/modification is taking place.

• Ensure that there are no DBMS_JOBS with the status of failed or broken. Also last refresh times
  of all running jobs should be current.

• Check to ensure that no objects exist in the database with the status 'INVALID'

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One thought on “Daily DBA Checklist

  1. Sam

    Dear Mr Soorma,

    i am new to oracle and I’ve been looking at topics like the one you posted below. What I miss though is a “how to” perform the tasks. The description on what to do is excellent, but how to?


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